Melissa Mechelle Wilson (Williams) for Congress
''The best interest of the people is my only mission''

About the Candidate             


Melissa Mechelle Wilson ( Williams)


My name is Melissa Mechelle Wilson and I am seeking office in Congressional District 9  of Houston, Texas.

I am a mother of two beautiful twin girls ages 11. I am married to a devoted hard-working man.

I run a successful Insurance and Real Estate business full time. I have been in Real Estate for 15 years and currently hold a real estate broker’s license and mortgage loan originator’s license. 

I am also licensed in property & casualty, life and health and have held a couple securities licenses in the past for the course of doing business with insurance.

In my spare time I dance and create fitness choreography along with reading and spending time with family. I also have a niche for business planning and marketing that eventually I hope to be able to share knowledge with others to help them start and plan for business.

I am a businesswoman, a mother, a survivor and a fighter. 


Why Now?

It is the perfect time with our nation being in so much turmoil under current leadership. We need new forward-thinking members of Congress who is willing to work with other members of Congress to pass regulation that will benefit us all. This is not about sticking to party, this is about creating and implementing regulation even if it is my republican counterparts sponsored bill. I care about how it will benefit the people and if it does, it will have my vote. I see too many politicians arguing back and forth and not accomplishing the agenda’s they were elected for. I feel many have remained complacent, comfortable in their position and confident the people will elect them again. We need people who are constantly thinking about the people and do the job we elect them to do!