Melissa Mechelle Wilson (Williams) for Congress
''The best interest of the people is my only mission''

Campaign Issues



All consumers are not in the position to save money to experience the dream of homeownership. I want to see these dreams happen by government allowing the FHA federally insured mortgage to offer zero down options. The first steppingstone to wealth starts with homeownership and all Americans should be able to have the opportunity to buy a home with no down payment options. 

I want to see the min credit score requirement on FHA reduced from 580 to a mid-score of 550 with the min down for primary residence first time homebuyers only. The 580 requirement should remain for all others.

Regulating the banks and their lending practices should be reviewed annually. 



The real estate industry has allowed me to see firsthand how child support can potentially harm the non-custodial parent financially. I would like to see our government provide a tax deduction for the non-custodial parents paying into the child support system. They should be able to receive some form of tax advantage or deduction from earned income when filing being that most likely they will not be able to claim the child as a dependent.  It would take law makers some time to strategically come together with a plan on how we can implement this regulation. It is worth it for me to push this as an option during my term if the people will allow me to represent them.

I will also make sure to work alongside our State politicians to assure we are continuing to implement regulation here in Texas to protect our custodial parents as well. The state of Texas is doing a phenomenal job with ensuring that our children are getting the support they need in our child support system. Children will always remain priority. 


 The Economy

I want to see common sense regulation that will benefit Americans! My goal is to push for laws and regulation that will strengthen our foundation here on our soil. My goal is to work and create a voice for us! Min wage must coincide with inflation. The cost of goods is rising and our American citizens that fall in the lower economic tax bracket are experiencing difficulty making ends meet. 

I want to see the tax breaks in the pockets of every day American citizens and NOT the LARGE CORPS!


We must have Criminal Justice Reform now!

I see many of our minority men and women losing their life at the hands of law enforcement with no accountability in place for law enforcement who have taken the life of a citizen without proper proof or a valid explanation as to why lethal force was necessary. Minorities historically are executed in the prison system at higher rates than whites and also serving longer sentences. This must change and our now current rep in district 9 has not done enough to address this!

Non-violent offenders should serve a lighter sentence than someone guilty of murder or sexual assault.

If anyone is found guilty of a sexual offense. They should not receive anything less than life in prison. We need these people off our streets. 

We must protect our children from child sex trafficking. 



I want to see the pell grant revised for post-secondary to eliminate the requirement for parent income to qualify. I attended college and was required to use my parents income although they did not support me financially in any form. This would allow students access to funds for schoolbooks, tuition, and daily living expenses. This would also reduce the amount of student loan debt the student may incur which would eliminate the need to borrow as much. 

I want to see more funding for education at the federal level as this would potentially minimize the burden of Texas Homeowners through our property tax to keep our education system funded.


Student loan forgiveness should continue to be offered to our low income and disabled Americans. I support Americans paying back any and all debts that are incurred but understand family needs may not allow it. We must keep forgiveness options open and available to educators as well. 

Our working class families deserve zero interest to low interest options to pay back the priniciple balance of the student loans. This will allow American families to reduce the debt and at the same time pay back into the system money borrowed. 

No person is above the law especially in government!

If you have any form of sexual or criminal misconduct, you should not be allowed to be in leadership in this country! This requirement should be put in place for congress members, presidents, and senators. You are a leader and leaders must set examples!

Leaders in office that have been found guilty of any form of unethical misconduct must immediately resign. 


I am a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in Texas! Obamacare was great regulation that was passed and should be protected! I remember delivering denials to people for pre-existing conditions such as hypertension or certain mental disorders. We need to keep certain protections in place in the private sector so that many Americans do not lose their insurance coverage.

I believe their should be both a public option and private option in healthcare.

The public option would help those who can’t afford the rising cost of private insurance. The average group policy that we write will cost an average of $1000-$1200 per person to cover with family. This is extremely expensive and many can’t afford group.


I am a small business owner of 15 years and believe that the small business owners are the foundation in our community. We must keep small business alive and thriving. We do this by making sure regulations are being passed that work for the benefit of the small business owner. We create jobs and opportunity in our communities. I would like the tax breaks to benefit the small business owner as well and not take away from us.  Our profitability allows us to keep many people employed. We are now currently experiencing a decrease in our tax deductions we once were able to utilize, and this must change.  I will fight for our small businesses. 


Amendment V United States Constitution 

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

I personally was involved in the eminent domain process in which the private oil and gas company Enterprise Products encroached on a significant portion of our property which changed how we can build on our property. The process materially impacted the value of the land with a diminishing value of approximately 65% of its market value. Enterprise Products according to Texas eminent domain laws does not require this private oil company to pay on diminishing value to your property. They will pay you pennies on the actual easment itself. 

It is a completely unfair disadvantage to the property owner if they decide to list the property for sale because the easement itself becomes a material defect and will be taken into consideration when the offer is presented. This will ulitmately impact the landowner negatively. 

We must take this issue to the Supreme Court and allow the justices to hear from landowners such as myself and others to change what is considered as fair and just compensation and depreciation to your private property should be considered. 


We as Americans must continue to stand by and support our allies in their time of need.

I believe in protecting our service men and women at all cost. My husband was a veteran of the armed forces and served. We understand the needs nationally and how decisions at the top can impact the well being of our service members serving abroad. 

All decisions regarding the well being and strategic national security concerns regarding our millitary should require congressional approval. 


The proposed federal budget for 2020 reduces money from our social programs such as medicare, healthcare and education. The plan allocates most of it towards the Department of Defense. The people this would impact the most are our elderly, children and disabled. We shall never compromise any funding for our American citizens. 

Title X Funding should only be used for medical attention for Americans that suffer with infertility, and any health related issue that our citizens have that otherwise would not be covered by their private insurance. 

Title X Funding should not be used to cover abortion unless it is at the discretion of the patient to save their own life. The decision should be solely their decision alone. 


Amendment II (2nd amendment to United States Constitution)

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I firmly believe in this, however we must regulate the capacity and the type of weapons available to the public for use. I have small children as many of us do and want nothing more than to protect them. 

We must regulate who has access to these weapons and implement “red flag” regulation. There are people in our nation who have proven they should not have access to a weapon of any form and should not have access to it legally. 


I believe in citizens coming to America legally. We should not have people in the country illegally. I do still believe in DACA and the dreamers act. We should provide a pathway for immigrants who have proven to contribute positiviely to our economy and don’t pose a threat to any citizen in the United States. Let us all come together to find a path to legal immigration for these people. America is the land of opportunity and home of the free. 

Any immigrant that has come here and guilty of any crime that would inflict physical harm on any of our citizens  should immediately be deported. I do not have an issue with immigrants seeking asylum or here in the United States because they wish to have an opportunity at a better life. The pathway to citizenship should be open to them.